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By: Village Dental Clinic  08-Feb-2011
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The dentist or hygienist will clean the childs teeth to remove any plaque or calculus. Without treatment, this build up can cause gum disease and tooth decay. The dentist will also treat the teeth with fluoride to strengthen them and make them resistant to tooth decay. Cleanings and fluoride treatments are recommended twice a year to maintain your childs dental health and prevent decay.

Oral Hygiene Instructions:
Prevention is a vital part of your childs dental care. The dentist will provide instructions and tips on home dental care, such as brushing techniques. The dentist may also provide a list of foods and habits that should be avoided.

Children generally need x-rays more often than adults since their mouths grow and change rapidly. They are also more susceptible to tooth decay. Pediatric dentists can use x-rays to survey erupting teeth, diagnose bone diseases, analyze the extent of an oral injury, or plan orthodontic treatment. Pediatric x-rays allow the dentist to diagnose and treat conditions that cannot be visually detected during an oral examination. If dental problems are identified and treated early, dental care will be less invasive and affordable.

Pediatric dentists are careful to minimize the exposure of your child to radiation. Lead body aprons and shields help protect the child's body, and modern dental equipment is designed to focus the x-ray beam only where needed and filter out unnecessary x-rays. Use of high-speed film and digital x-rays help minimize radiation exposure.

For children with a high risk of tooth decay, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends x-ray examinations every six months to detect cavities developing between the teeth. Children with a low risk of tooth decay require x-rays less frequently.

Keywords: Dental Care, Dental Service, Pediatric Dentistry

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