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By: Fokas Beyond  21-May-2015

Fokas Beyond Mentoring Is your current support team frustrating you? Are you getting the results you want? “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn If the people guiding you and giving you advice are lacking experience or not getting the results you want then why are you listening? Fokas Beyond Mentoring provides you with a dedicated Mentor that will: Guide you with entering new positions Assist you with stock search Assist you with Stock review and analysis Guide you on how to monitor your positions Invest live with you Available to you through: Phone Mentoring Email Mentoring Online Mentoring

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Fokas Picks

All of this is delivered to your inbox each week in 1 Clear, Concise & Easy To Follow Stock Pick Report.


Fokas Report

HOW THE FOKAS REPORT FITS NICELY INTO YOUR TRADING TOOLKIT The Fokas Report along with our team of expert stock market analysts, investors and chartists will help you light the way. Gain access to stock market updates, learn what is happening globally and how you can benefit from having the right information at your finger tips. The Fokas Report provides subscribers with stock market news based on a unique value driven approach, developed from key findings to help you understand.


Fokas Scan

Not only can the Fokas Scan, scan the markets on any strategy that you may be implementing RIGHT NOW such as CFD’s, Emini’s, Options, Forex, Futures and Commodities, we also utilise this scanner to help us with the Fokas Beyond strategies such as the Covered Calls, Sold Puts and Uncovered Calls. We also scan the markets regularly with the Fokas Scan and provide possible trades for our members to review, analyse and enter into if they like the trade.

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Sold Puts

SOLD PUTS – How do they work? Well, with Fokas Beyond Sold Puts, this is used to earn income. We can create Put Option contracts on the underlying stock, earning an income without having to outlay large amounts of capital to acquire the stocks up front.


Covered Calls

At Fokas Beyond, our Stock Market strategies are right for you