Audio Visual and Electroacoustic Engineering Consultants

Audio Visual and Electroacoustic Engineering Consultants from Audio Systems Logic

By: Audio Systems Logic  08-Jul-2012
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Audio Systems Logic is a unique consulting firm providing innovative and intelligent audio visual and electroacoustic solutions to the marketplace by integrating the fields of audio visual engineering and room acoustics. Rather than use rule of thumb or traditional engineering practices, Audio Systems Logic drives projects by first understanding what outcomes are desired by its end users. Our system designs are innovative, cost saving and at all times entirely appropriate to the needs of the user. Our independence in the market place affords us the luxury of product agnostic design allowing the best systems and products to be utilised without any of the risk associated with financial dependency or allegiance to system or product manufacturers. Our innovative approach stems from our detailed understanding of the complex electrical and mechanical behaviour of loudspeakers, the complexities of video transportation and the acoustic environment that modern, high technology audio visual systems reside in. Audio Systems Logic has the ability of create advanced 3D models to analyse the electroacoustic performance of spaces in order that the performance of loudspeakers as well as infra-red and induction loop hearing augmentation systems can be predicted. Our experience ranges from office meeting and board rooms, through to complex acoustic environments such as cinemas, theatres, auditoria, studios, places of worship and concert halls where true integration between the audio visual system and the enclosing environment are required to achieve optimum results. Audio Systems Logic has the additional capacity to develop customised loudspeaker solutions to deal with the most complex of acoustic environments where typical off the shelf product cannot perform optimally. Our engineers have unparalleled experience and access to a wealth of technical resources. We are instrumental,and provide consultancy in the design and the development of many audio visual, architectural and acoustic systems and products that are heavily utilised in the everyday environment. With an extensive in-house suite of modelling, real time signal and electrical/mechanical measurement equipment, Audio Systems Logic is equipped to successfully deliver innovative solutions and design advice within projects of any scale and complexity.

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