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Chirimen, Nishijin Silk from Kyo Modern

By: Kyo Modern   02-Mar-2011
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This is what makes Kyo Modern different from other Japanese fashion accessories.

Nishijin fabric is only available in Kyoto, Japan. It originated more than 1000 years ago. Like Chirimen, this fabric is also made from silk but the way it is woven is different.

The main difference is that the thread is dyed before it is woven. As a result, colours come out much richer than Chirimen.
  Making Nishijin silk involves more than 20 steps and requires high skilled craft man's work.

The name Nishijin is a name of town in Kyoto where it started.
This town is known for producing one of the highest quality silk in the world like Lyon silk from France and Milan silk from Italy.

This high-class woven textiles started to be made in the area to meet the demand of the imperial court and aristocracy. Nowadays, it is used for not only Kimono or Obi, but also for tie, handbag, shawl, fashion accessories and home decoration.

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It is Japanese style of silk which has a history of over 400 years. Unlike typical Chinese silk, it has a textured feel. The
fabric has a wavy wrinkle pattern, produced by twisting the threads while weaving.
The fabric is made in several cities
in Japan. Kyoto and Shiga are especially famous for it.

There are more than 10 different kinds of Chirimen. Popular ones are made of 100% silk, polyester, rayon or combinations.

Keywords: Chirimen, Silk, Textile,

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