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By: Web Usability  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Web Usability, Equal Opportunity Commission

Most of us have struggled with poorly designed websites that are hard to find and slow to access; sites that lack coherent internal navigation and contain links that lead nowhere. Such sites are likely to be more of a liability to an organisation than an asset!

Web Usability can help you define the needs of your target audience and develop a site that will meet those needs. We can assess the user-focus of an existing sites and sites under development to help you improve the effectiveness of your Internet presence.

Ideally, our evaluation should take place early in the website development process to identify potential usability problems before the site goes live.

Site accessibility is a measure of how effectively visitors, including those with disabilities, are able to access and use web pages. People with disabilities are increasingly demanding accessible sites. The Human rights and Equal Opportunity Commission in Australia maintains:

"The provision of information and online services through the Worldwide Web is a service covered by the Disability Discrimination Act. Equal access for people with a disability in this area is required by the DDA.."

As an accessibility specialist, Roger Hudson conducts usability and accessibility studies with a wide range of web users, including the blind or visually impaired and those with cognitive and physical (motor skills) disabilities. Such studies are an essential part of identifying the needs of each target group and determining how best to address them.

Meeting the needs of people with disabilities is only one aspect of developing sites that comply with recognised web standards and are universally accessible. Web Usability can help you ensure that your site does not become obsolete as new devices for accessing the web and more advanced browsers come on line.

Keywords: Equal Opportunity Commission, Web Usability

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Web Usability - Accessibility Services

Comprehensive evaluation of site accessibility incorporates the Accessibility Review described above and task-based user testing of the site by people with disabilities. Identifying issues that could reduce the accessibility of the site for people with impaired vision, other physical disabilities and cognitive and learning difficulties.