Portioli Blends

By: Portioli  09-Dec-2011
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Rich, tempting full flavoured quality chocolate in three delicious varieties.

Cioccolato Gianduia

Concentrated rich chocolate

Brown label, 1kg jar & 125gr sachets
(50 sachets per pack)

Cioccolato Denso

Concentrated rich bitter chocolate.

Red Label, 1kg jar

Cioccolato Ice

Full flavoured drinking chocolate ideal for making cold chocolate ‘Frappe’.

Blue Label, 1kg jar

Tea Enveloped

Portioli’s tea comes after the finest selections and is available in three different flavours:

  • Green tea
  • Ceylon tea
  • Earl Grey

Available in packs of 100 envelopes.

Camomile Tea

The naturally dried Camomile with aromatic herbs. It’s perfect for a relaxing and tasty break.

Available in packs of 80 envelopes.

Rich concentrated iced tea without any preservatives or dyes. Summer in your glass!

Tea Pesca

Peach flavoured - 700ml bottle

Tea Limone

Lemon flavoured - 700ml bottle

How to make a refreshing glass of Portioli Tea Freddo:

Pour a small amount of Portioli Concentrated Iced Tea (20ml) into a tall glass, add cold water, stir and finish off with some ice cubes in the glass! Very easy!

Tip: Add a slice of fresh lemon and mint leaf for added effect.

Velvet is a silky, soft ice-cream like coffee dessert which can be enjoyed in its most simple of forms or dressed up with variations, espresso shot, choc shot, crushed amaretto biscuits, whipped cream, the lot, just to name a few.

It has been developed with the same energy and taste of a Portioli espresso. It is made only of the purest ingredients which have been correctly proportioned: just made with espresso coffee, fresh milk and cane sugar.


The new barley machine by Portioli, giving another chance to taste a healthy and natural break with a choice of barley or ginseng flavoured hot beverage.

Barley and ginseng are available in convenient small envelopes that guarantee a drink with an intense and fragrant flavour.

Classic Panettone

Portioli also offers the timeless Christmas panettone, which comes after a fine confectionery tradition: it contains the typical candied fruit and raisin.






Coffee Panettone

Authentic confectioner’s panettone made by a special recipe: it contains coffee powder and chocolate drops.

Sugar Envelopes

Portioli’s unique small sugar envelopes contain the finest kind of sugar.

Each sachet contains 5gr of refined sugar. Available in 10kg carton

Cane Sugar

The purest cane sugar in useful one-dose small envelopes, in its natural form.

150 sachets per pack


An alternative to sugar which does not compromise on the taste of the espresso.

150 sachets per pack

A pastry biscuit with a cinnamon aftertaste to compliment your coffee break as an alternative to a chocolate.

300 pieces per pack

Keywords: Chocolate, Coffee, Fresh Milk, Sugar