What some of my patients say about me...

By: Karen Latter, Naturopath & Nutritionist  07-Jun-2011
Keywords: Naturopath, Herbal Medicine, Natural Therapy


"With the onset of peri-menopause my cycle changed a lot and I began toexperience 2-3 week long periods of bleeding each month. My gynecologistrecommended a hysterectomy. Karen prescribed herbs which, after taking dailyhelped my cycle return to normal." AS

"I had an addiction to marijuana that I had tried to end many times. Acombination of counseling and an herbal mixture made the process of breaking myhabit a lot easier. I believe Karen's help and support encouraged me to remaindrug free." AS

"Meeting Karen & taking her recommendations changed my life like I never could have expected.  I suffered MAJOR anxiety for many years & was recommended to see her after conventional medication did not work & in fact contributed to my issues. After my first consultation where I felt she really listened to me & I had nothing left tolose by following her guidance. My anxiety went within the first week of taking supplements & drops. WOW was what I thought then & have continued to see her regularly for two years. My life has changed so dramatically I would never turn back now to live in the fear I used to. The difference with Karen is I really feel she actually listens to my needs and somehow seems to find the right combination of supplements that fit those concerns. She for me is a trueblessing." HF

Keywords: Herbal Medicine, Natural Therapy, Naturopath, Nutritionist