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By: The Relate Clinic  06-May-2013
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We are here to help you Marriage or any type of committed intimate relationship are anything but made in heaven. The very thing that the majority of us want most of the happy, loving & committed relationship seems to elude us. Here at the Counselling & Relationship Clinic, we are committed to helping couples have the best relationship they can. Whether your relationship is in need of rescue, or whether it's needing some TLC, we are here for you, we are committed to helping you achieve the kind of relationship that you truly want. What if you or you partner may have given up? Even if one or both of you may have given up, we never do as we believe that most relationships are worth salvaging, you don't have to be another divorce statistic. We want to offer you the hope, passion, and commitment that you need. What we do that may be different from other services Marriage and relationship counselling is changing as the needs of couples are changing. These needs are generally different from what they were in the last century. There has certainly been a shift that has taken place in the way we do relationships. Men and especially women, want more from their relationships, they don't want to settle for what is just mediocre. Our focus in helping couples who are in urgent need is not so much in the techniques of good communication or teaching conflict resolution skills (these are very useful skills in themselves). We know that communication will not be good and conflicts will be high. We believe that the key, first and foremost, is in restoring the lost love. Bad communication and highly emotional conflicts are usually the symptoms, not the cause and they are treated as the secondary. We have found that when the love is restored and there is a healthy equilibrium between the couple, then there is less conflict, better communication and the couple are both highly commitment to the relationship again.

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