Over Charging by Law Firms

By: Able Defence Lawyers  30-Dec-2011
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Overcharging by Law Firms

All too often I hear about law firms over charging their clients. There is no quicker way to lose a client then by over-charging them.  Clients want and expect excellent service and value.  The Law Society of NSW continually emphasises the need to ensure that legal fees are reasonable.

I recently experienced a law firm where they would charge for time plus activity.  This effectively was unfair particularly when viewed in context of the work actually done. 

To overcome this element of concern for us and our clients we have introduced fixed legal fees for many matters.  This means that our client's know up front how much the legal fees are.  This enables us to provide value for money at a set reasonable legal cost.

The Law Society of NSW also sees 'Fixed Legal Fees' as a way of overcoming legal costing concerns.

If you wish to discuss over-charging or to engage us to act for you for any legal matter, we will provide you with an upfront fixed legal fee where ever possible.

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