Assault charges

By: Able Defence Lawyers  14-Dec-2011
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Assault Charges

With Christmas approaching some of us might be inclined to consume more alcohol than normal.  This can lead to in some instances dire consequences.  What starts out as a good night out can sometimes degenerate into a series of events that were unexpected.  As we read in the newspaper, every weekend there are people arrested in Sydney as a result of alcohol related incidents.  In many instances people can sometimes find themselves being charged for assault, when incidents get out of hand.  Even when they are not the ones instigating or wanting to cause problems.  It is important to remember that if you find yourself arrested and charged with any offence it is serious.  Assault even when minor can lead to you have a criminal conviction recorded against you.  it is important to know your rights and to obtain legal advice and representation.  We are experts in defending clients on these types of matters.  We are able to provide advice to you even after hours.  Contact us on 1300 859 713.

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