The Get S.A.F.E safety education program

The Get S.A.F.E safety education program from Work Safety Solutions

By: Work Safety Solutions  14-Mar-2012
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Abacus Work Safety Solutions is proud to present the Get S.A.F.E education program available in traditional themes and the Simpson's™

The Get S.A.F.E program is based on a study developed by Stanford university, which discovered changing behaviour through "inescapable messaging".

The Get S.A.F.E Program teaches a new way of learning by reaching employees at work and at home with the power of inescapable messaging. We give you the tools you need to simultaneously broadcast your safety message throughout work areas, lunch rooms, safety meetings and best of all at home.

This unique safety education program by its design: Will reduce lost time injuries. Will reduce the occurrence of avoidable accidents. Will save you money in Workers Compensation Costs. Programs are tailored to suit any size company or industry. Regularly cover mandated topics. Identify and focus on the workplace hazards that cost you most injuries - and cause a drain on profits. Encourages participation from all employees at all levels. Simplicity of the Program allows easy implementation by supervisors. Allows for easy compliance to relevant OH&S legislation. Allows for easy record keeping of attendee’s

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