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By: MailShark   30-Jun-2014
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What Is MailShark?

MailShark is a Cloud-Based Email filtering service, designed to filter email borne threats and malware. These threats include: viruses, spam, phishing, click-jacking as well as a host of other malicious undesirables. At MailShark we believe in giving business what it deserves; nothing but clean, safe and secure email.

Why Is It Free?

Because at MailShark we believe in giving back to the business community i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility. Unlike other solutions which provide a watered down free edition, or only allow you to trial the service for a limited time, MailShark FREE comes with no time limits or restrictions. You get the entire no-obligation service, free forever.

We provide MailShark Enterprise as an optional paid solution solely to provide you with additional value, by bundling in services such as Standard Business Web Hosting and Dropbox for Business. Both MailShark FREE and MailShark Enterprise contain the same world class features and are there to protect your business.

Compare for yourself on our website and let us take care of the threats for you today.

Why Do I Need MailShark?

According to the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG), between 88-90% of email sent to Inboxes is flagged as abusive. This flood of data can include viruses, spam and malware presenting a hazard to business everywhere.

MailShark acts as a barrier between these threats and your Inbox, protecting your business from infection and ensuring that you only see clean, genuine email arrive at your computer. Even if your business already has a solution in place, not to worry, you can still benefit from MailShark. Our scanning and detection rules are updated in real time, ensuring only the latest techniques are employed to protect against spam.

If your Mail Server ever goes offline, leave it to us, MailShark will continue to filter and store incoming emails to ensure your client emails are never bounced. When your Mail Server becomes active again, MailShark will immediately deliver the incoming emails that have been stored to your Mail Server.

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