somatic psychotherapy

By: Elisabeth van der Veer  23-Jan-2016
Keywords: Body Oriented

Somatic Psychotherapy creates an awareness of our habitual patterns in feeling, thought and action. Taking a practical, experiential approach, Somatic Therapy encourages aliveness in our relationships, allows movement towards health and well-being. Focusing on the total body-mind organism, the techniques derive from Western Psychotherapies - Lowen's Bio-energetics and Gestalt - and from Eastern energy principles. Current research suggests the limits of “talk-based” therapeutic approaches and the need for attentiveness to physical, somatic and body-oriented processes. "Becoming aware of our bodily-based emotions is more essential than becoming aware of our thoughts". Dr Allan N Schore, on the science of psychotherapy The body enlivens the mind; the mind enables the body. Increasingly we are shown, through research in the area of Neuro-biology science, the intricate connection between body and mind, mind and body. The right brain and the unconscious mind are connected into the visceral body. The body has been rediscovered in the last couple of decades, an enormous change for psychology and psychiatry.

Keywords: Body Oriented

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