Criminal Defence. Instructions also accepted family estates, equity and civil litigation

By: Rob Davidson, Solicitor  28-Jun-2012
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Your best defence is having one dedicated defence lawyer with you at all times - until your court matter is completed, or dismissed. I take a small number of criminal matters. I do each one well.

My duty is to do all I lawfully can for you - unless a solicitor does do all he or she can, little is likely to change.

When you appear at court, you are met by one person. That person - me - stays with you at court, gives attention to nothing but your matter, and fights your case with tenacity, not stopping until your matter has been decided.

Cases turn upon evidence. Some matters, such as incorrect or borderline charges, or a no prima facie case (not enough evidence to make out a charge) can be apparent upon a brief immediately it is served upon us.

Necessity to review an Roadside Breath Test reading (or not) may be apparent from initial instructions.

But for a defence, this principle is first. Tenacity, coupled to a clear purpose in mind, counts for all.

I give each client my best.  

All cases are handled by one mature, EXPERIENCED criminal defence lawyer. I handle ALL criminal matters in all jurisdictions including Local, District, Supreme and High Courts.

I attend local, country and state-wide courts DEFENDING my client. I am TOTALLY committed to MY clients.    CALL ME PERSONALLY ON 0466-997-942

This is what I can do for you:

I will be with you with you if questioned, threatened with arrest, or arrested - at any and all police station interviews appointed (you must tell me) - at gaol - at a remand centre - anywhere - during execution of search warrant - helping get your car home - assisting your family, and helping you to organise your legal affairs.

Looking at and arguing for you on the question whether prosecution should proceed.

Appearing with you at committal to test admissibility of evidence against you.

Appearing with you - if with proper advice you instruct that a plea of guilty be entered, on representations as to substitution of lesser charges, or withdrawal of a particular charge or all charges entirely, and where charges are to proceed, and you instruct admissions are to be made, representations as to facts to be admitted.

Thorough investigation to ensure that absolutely everything which can be helpful - law and fact - is put before the court so the court sees the circumstances through your eyes as well as the eyes of your accuser- and see the facts that mattered to you as you saw them.

My task is to ensure that any sentencing court sees you as a human being, with your own reasons and your own life to live, not as just another undifferentiated offender, in need of general restraints.

Thorough research of law in reduction of sentence - and comparable sentences - including all the factors relevant to dismissal of charges against infrequent offenders, deferral of plea for pre-sentence rehabilitation (and proof) where available, suspension of sentence, and all alternatives to gaol;.

Preparing your defence - investigation of the police investigation, and prosecution evidence and procedures for errors - investigation of the scene, to detect falsehoods, mistakes, omissions - comparison of all evidence to detect all conflicts of fact - analysis of fact - briefing of experts to analyse and report on expert evidence (opinion evidence) for basis, range and error: such as speed, blood-alcohol level at time of last driving. medical factors affecting sexual capacity.

Advising in private, before the court date and defended hearing.

Testing all contentions for you before you go to court. You are not met by a senior partner and represented by a junior. Your case is not prepared by others.

All discussions are with one person - me.

Where the evidence unfolds so as to establish any rights against police to costs [where police have pressed matters despite having evidence showing they should not have], unreasonably commenced or maintained the case against you, you may seek orders for reimbursement of part costs (from the time continuation became unreasonable).

After the decision, your lawyer - me - then stays at court with you, and answers all and any questions you have - until you have the help you want.

This may be as little as you wish - the formalities of release, or a lift home (not charged), or help to get your own affairs on track.

When you speak, during a hearing or trial. you can (and must) speak to police and witnesses, if at all, only through your lawyer.

During a hearing I will be available every minute of the day, and into the night, and if more than one day, continuously, until the job is done. if you are heavily burdened, I will endeavour to get arrange for you to have whatever emotional support as you may.

After a plea in reduction of sentence, or a conviction, I provide a thorough de-briefing as to all consequences, including rights of challenge to court rulings or decision, appeals, re-hearings, prerogative review, and answering all your questions.

For clients in custody who wish to appeal, I advise on and make application for bail pending appeal.

If the decision is accepted (no need assistance with the courts post-court procedures such as levies and time to pay, bonds,) - are complete - again, you instruct me, and, unless you arrange for counsel, only I appear for you - from beginning to end.   

I FIGHT to protect your legal rights. I get results which for my clients have great effects.

There have been many break-throughs, and experience shows again and again that they can be accomplished by tenacity, diligence and persistence against pressure to capitulate.

If your solicitor relentlessly considers every possibility - then by that work some ordinarily insignificant fact acquires a different significance, you and your solicitor will be mentally ready to pursue that lead to its conclusion.

Not every case unfolds with drama, or is broken by a fact initially unknown to the defence, but no case so solved makes itself known in advance.   

If you need a solicitor to stand with you against pressure, it is my job to do so.

I have done for over 20 years.

I practice in criminal, driving and traffic matters.

When you instruct me, I see you as MY client.

The protection of YOUR interests before the courts is MY charge. You are free to leave at any time. I place my reputation in your hands and do my best to represent you so well that you would never wish to consider any other possibility.

Neither size of resources, nor status - whether of defendant or defence representative - count as evidence before a court.

What counts is particularity - the particularity with which proof is established (or not), and the particularity with which proof is answered (or not).                                                                                                              

You can reach me, or get a message to me - AT ANY TIME. If retained I will attend at police stations day or night - AT ANY TIME. Call me on 0466 997 942.
I charge $275/hr or part, inclusive of GST. My fees must be wholly pre-paid. I only see clients by appointment.

Once paid, all appointed time is yours - there is no walk-in service. Fees must be paid at the commencement of first appointment.

Before calling for emergency after hours attendances, arrange funding to be provided  before we commence, for a few hours work - at least enough to carry you through. That will give you peace of mind, and we can get straight on with the job of protection of your interests before police, the law and the courts.

Messages can also be left on 02 95500042. 

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