Outdoor Charcoal Cooking Makes a Come Back

Outdoor Charcoal Cooking Makes a Come Back from BBQAroma

By: BBQAroma  08-Jul-2011
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 Sydney - BBQAroma is Australia's only barbecue store focused completely on charcoal barbecues and today launches an array of charcoal skewer grills to suit most budgets and needs. Called "Arrosticini" BBQs because they follow a standard and style of gastronomy from central Italy, these narrow charcoal grills can also be used for other ethnic style skewers from the Greek Kalamaki to the Malaysian Satay.

"I have always had a thing for Arrosticini style lamb skewers" said Nicola Angelucci founder and owner of BBQAroma in Sydney. "I was inspired by the the good old days when we all use to cook on wood charcoal, which gave an unforgettable flavour and wonderful aroma to our barbecued meals."Made in Italy, the new range of Arrosticini BBQs come in a variety of lengths and designed to suspend skewers over a charcoal heat source with a standard width of approximately 11cm. Metal or bamboo skewers of 25cm long are best suited for these barbecues as they allow users to delicately turn by hand a multitude of skewers but keeping fingers and knuckles at a safe distance from the heat. Having skewers also aligned along the grill further makes cooking easier allowing the full flavours of each skewer develop over the charcoal.

In the case of grilling Arrosticini which originated from the Abruzzo region near the Adriatic Sea, roughly 10cm of cubed lamb meat is skewered onto a 25cm long bamboo stick, then the meat part is suspended directly over smouldering wood embers and grilled slowly for 10 minutes. The actual secret to perfect Arrosticini is the inclusion of lamb fat in each skewer and to serve hot off the grill as a bunch with a generous sprinkling of salt, making them quite flavoursome and addictive.

"We are Sydney's first Arrosticini street vendor grilling since 2007", said Angelucci who started BBQAroma part-time as an eBay business and began grilling his speciality lamb skewers on weekends at a popular local organic food market. "People who see us cook and serve are amazed how easy it is and how good it tastes. We hope to introduce this style of cooking to even more Australians."Other ethnic types of skewered foods can also be adopted to these charcoal barbecues. They include Japanese Yakitori, French Brochettes, Aegean Cop Sis, Indonesian Sate Ayam, Peruvian Anticuchos, South African Sosatie, West African Suya, Indian Tikka kebabs, Chinese Xinjiang Chuanr and the list goes on.

Today BBQAroma has a small shop front; still runs it's food market stall business on Saturdays and boasts to have the largest range of charcoal skewer grills available in Australia. The range of charcoal skewer grills are as follows : -

For Home use:
- Short Grill with folding legs = $69 inc
- Medium Grill with folding legs = $120 inc
- Medium "Type 2" with screw on legs = $120 inc
- Wide Skewer Grill for long Shashlik skewers = $135 inc
- Long Grill with folding legs = $150 inc
- Long "Type 2" with screw on legs + Satay bar = $160 inc

For Professional use (used for Catering, Market Stalls & Events):
- Heavy Duty 1m long grill in Stainless Steel = $200 inc
- Painted Steel 1m long with 40cm square fire box attached = $300 inc
- Painted Steel 2m long with 40cm square fire box attached = $550 inc
- Heavy Duty 1m long Stainless Steel with 40 automated skewer turners = $600 inc
- Heavy Duty 1.6m long Stainless Steel with 60 automated skewer turners = $999 inc

The skewer grills for home can be purchased and shipped across Australia by visiting BBQAroma's online store at http://www.shop.bbqaroma.com/ or through eBay athttp://stores.ebay.com.au/BBQAroma. Barbecue displays are also set up at the shop front located at 425 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt in Sydney and open Monday to Friday (except on public holidays) from 10am till 5.30 pm.BBQAroma also has an active facebook page with almost 2000 likes. Check it out atwww.facebook.com/barbecues or follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/bbqaroma.

For further information and advice contact BBQAroma via email: [email protected] or call (02) 8003 3325.

About BBQ
AromaBBQaroma is a trading name in New South Wales for Nivi Marketing Pty Ltd which imports a range of charcoal barbecues and skewer making equipment from Italy; hot chilli sauces from the United States and Canadian made Digital Electric Smokers sourced from a local Sydney importer. It also supplies locally to customers, caterers and food businesses raw lamb skewers (Arrosticini). The owner and founder, Mr Nicola Angelucci has been full-time at BBQAroma since August of 2010 and still continues to cook Arrosticini at the Organic Farmers Market at Orange Grove Public School Cnr Perry St and Balmain Rd in Lilyfield every Saturday from 8am till 1pm.

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