Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage Therapy from HealthBack

By: HealthBack  12-Nov-2015
Keywords: Deep Tissue Massage, Massage Clinic, Massage & Therapy

Certain lifestyle choices and stressors of physical and mental nature can cause blockages in our body systems. Blockages can be caused by guarded or shortened muscles, by mis-alignments in body posture, by adrenal fatigue or over-stimulation of our nervous system. Shortened or guarded muscles try to prevent injury to the body. Shortened muscles cannot contract and are muscles lacking in strength. This can lead to further postural body changes, to insufficient blood circulation and to lack of nourishment of body tissue cells. Our remedial massage technique draws from the benefits of various ancient and oriental traditions and techniques (Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Reflexology and Hawaiian medicine) which are put together in a common sense way that best serves the goal of getting rid of deep seated tensions and the ailments arising from these tensions. This therapeutic massage applies most effective techniques in co-ordination with a deep breathing technique (diaphragmatic breathing). The symbiosis of deep breathing and massage technique increases the flow of the life force within.

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