Provider of Allied Health Staff to Aged Care Industry including Physiotherapists, Nursing, Podiatris

Provider of Allied Health Staff to Aged Care Industry including Physiotherapists, Nursing, Podiatris from Physiotherapists Aged Care

By: Physiotherapists Aged Care  09-May-2011
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 Physiotherapists for Aged Care are the total holistic solution for allied health in residential aged care homes. We provide physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Occupational Therapists and Dieticians to Nursing Homes, Hostels, and all other aged cares facilities.

Our entire physiotherapist's teams are well trained health professionals who work towards improving quality of life for all residents. They all have a passion for aged care. Physiotherapists will apply diagnostic skills and their clinical reasoning to deliver the best treatments for their patients which will in turn help them in gaining movement and physical independence. Our Physiotherapists will provide treatments such as exercise prescription which is a tailored program to help retrain resident's posture strengthen their muscles and improve their overall fitness. Our therapist will also use manual therapies which will help residents and reduce pain and this will assist them in their daily lives.

At PAC our Podiatrist service includes full assessments, individualized care plans to assist residents with problems associated with their feet. Our podiatrist will provide a complete treatment and will also help by prescribing orthotics or prosthetic supports which are tailor made shoes inserts that will help align the structure of your feet to the most stable walking position and will help in reducing pain in the foot, knee and hips. Our occupational therapists are well trained and will help residents overcome a variety of physical problems so that they can live independent lives. Our occupational therapists will assist with problems which may be caused due to injury or illness, or caused by psychological, emotional or developmental difficulties. Our OT's will evaluate resident's abilities and the environments, lifestyle and family situation so that they can provide develop a suitable treatment plan. Once the plan is created they will start the treatment at your home or aged care facility to improve their daily living. At PAC we also provide Dietitians to residential aged care facilities and they are qualified and experienced in to advising aged care facilities on nutrition-related matters for residents.

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