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By: Termitemansion  06-Nov-2013
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Easy Termite Control Termite Bait is used with Termite Mansion Plus™, Termite Mansion Dry™ and Termite Mansion Perimeter™ in-ground stations. In-ground stations are designed to intercept foraging termites with timber interceptors and to concentrate their feeding in the stations. Stations are embedded in the soil around the perimeter of the building at intervals of 3 to 5 metres OR in areas where termites are most likely to be found foraging. These stations are inspected on a regular basis at approximately 4 to 12 week intervals until termites are detected. Once detected, Easy Termite Control Termite Bait Sachet Matrix is added to the termite activity with minimal disturbance to existing feeding via a small hole in bottom of sachet aligned with termites or hole in termite workings. The zip lock seal is used for access to add further bait in subsequent visits. Generally at least 2 Sachets is used to commence baiting, if enough room, with anywhere from 3 to 12 sachets required by colony until elimination of the whole colony (more may be required in particularly large colonies).

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