By: icyair repair  06-Dec-2012
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Why get your air conditioning unit serviced regularly? • Protect your family / workforce from dangerous bacteria, Legionnaires disease. • Reduce your energy consumption • Greatly reduce the chance of a full air conditioning break down • Greatly reduce the chance of needing repair work, due to in-efficient running of the system. These problems are caused by: • Clogged and dirty filters • Cracked and split refrigerant lines • Loss of refrigerant • Dirty and stiff fans and blades • Air Flow restrictions • Blocked or clogged drains. • Faulty or loose electrical connections A well serviced and smooth running air conditioner will not only run at it’s optimum capacity and save you money on your electricity bills but it will also not throw out harmful bacteria that can damage your family and workforces health. On top of this a well serviced air conditioner will also be less damaging to the environment. We recommend that air conditioners should be serviced once a year. Icy Air Repair have repaired and serviced thousands of air conditioning systems both commercial and domestic throughout the Sutherland Shire & Sydney and you can trust us to do a faultless job on yours. Hydrocarbon Conversion While getting your air conditioning unit serviced or repaired, why not get it converted to hydrocarbon. Converting your air conditioning unit to Hydrocarbons will make your air conditioner run much more effectively, reduce the harm on the environment and also reduce your air conditioning running costs between 10% and 37%!

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