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By: Cloud Hands Tai Chi  26-Feb-2016
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The ultimate aim of ancient Qigong practice is to refine and clear one's body, emotions, mental and psychic energy. This ability to integrate and heal is part of the journey to become a matured, balanced adult.

The five basic elements of Qigong forms taught here are based on the five elements of Chinese Taoist philosophy — wood, water, fire, metal, and earth — equivalent to the vital organs of the body.

The course offers basic Qigong movement for beginners, which will help to form a solid foundation and understanding for later, more subtle and advanced Qigong practice. Qigong will also be taught as an integral part of the student's Tai Chi practice.

The method taught is known as the "water method". It is gentle and safe, and does not involve the more aggressive techniques found in some of the other methods. It is soft like water, purifying and cleansing body and mind.

The "water" image gives a clue to the way this method works. Imagine water gradually wearing away the edges of a rough stone over time. The rough parts will slowly soften, so that eventually the stone grows smoother and rounder. In a more aggressive method aimed at achieving the same ends, the stone is as it were beaten with a sledge hammer, using force to break it into pieces that scatter. All integration is gone. In the "water" method the integration is not lost. Instead, there is solidity and completeness.

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