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By: Espresso Vend Australia Franchise  25-Jul-2011
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Congratulations You have gotten someone to take action and they have landed on your website for your work from home business. But wait a minute what do they do now. Great looking websites that people enjoy going to will not put money in your bank account. You must have people take action once they get to your site.

Billboards along the highway are just like websites. In fact with a billboard you have about 8 seconds to get the viewer to take the first action. Your site is the same way. The first action that you want is to grab their attention that you have the answer to what they were looking for. Think carefully what you want your headline to say. The graphics of a website make them enjoyable to look at but seldom will draw the action that you desire.

People looking at websites have a question that they want answered. Your job as a website owner is to provide that answer but to also show the visitor that there is so much more information that they should have and you have it first at the small price of giving you their email address.

Next give the evidence that you do know what you are talking about. Have testimonials and proof that you can not only solve their immediate problem but that you can keep it from spreading to other areas of their lives. Make your website be a problem solver whether they need more money in their lives or a bad relationship problem that needs to be fixed.

Ultimately what you want this visitor to do is turn to you anytime that they come to the internet. New car dealers cannot make money if you merely buy a car from them. They have learned that you must think of them when you need your oil changed or need new tires. I believe they miss the boast by not offering free car washes. I would want my customers coming to me on a daily basis for all things automotive. Your website must be the same way. For anything in any of the niches that you are an expert in you need your visitors to return to you.

Moving your visitors off of your initial page and moving them to a squeeze page is important to getting them from being just a visitor to being a follower of what you know. Remember they are turning to you for advice in how to solve an issue in their lives. And they need to know what you have to say tomorrow about this issue as well. Free or low-cost participation on a squeeze page will show that you provide valuable information. Use this as your opportunity to build your personal brand.

So what is the point in retrieving the customer's name and email address? Have you heard of opt-in lists? An opt-in list is gold to an internet marketer because you can send customers information which will hopefully attract the customer back to the website to either purchase a product or service being offered. Spamming is illegal and having a great opt-in list is really necessary to any Internet marketer. You can also use your list to make money as an affiliate with another company. This is a great way to earn extra income indeed.

Remember, ultimately your website should give you what you are looking for as well. You may just want to shoe people your field of expertise or you may want to fire your boss and build the next great internet empire. Your website must move your goal ahead in preplanned steps.

If you want to learn more about how to have a successful internet marketing company and create a business that provides for you and your family please check out the resource box below. Click our link and for our journey to success.

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