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By: Espresso Vend Australia Franchise  25-Oct-2011
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Coffee Facts Coffee by Region: Coffee is classified according to their origins or regions. The tastes and aroma of java blends are mainly dependent on the country of origin. Some of the most renowned regions known for high-grade java include Columbian regions, Kona, Java and Jamaican Blue Mountain. Coffee Grinders & Mills: There are a wide array of coffee grinders and makers available on the market. You need not shell out great amount of money to hang out in your favourite coffee shops or cafe and drink your favourite brew. Coffee making at home has been made easy with great tasting and aromatic blends through the help of right recipes and reliable equipment. Coffees making for workplaces are even easier with cafe quality coffee made in fully automatic coffee vending machines. Coffee Beans: Certified coffee connoisseurs ought to have in-depth knowledge and understanding about their all time favourite beverage. There are roasted coffee beans, Arabica, green and espresso Java. These types of beans have their distinct and unique features that deliver great tasting and full-bodied flavour and aroma. Roasted beans are processed from sorting, roasting, cooling and packaging. There are conventional as well as contemporary ways of making roasted beans and deliver the same high quality brews. Arabica java is high quality beans cultivated from high altitudes and rich soils. Gourmet Coffee: Gourmet coffee is another significant part of the java industry, which has developed in into clubs and gift ideas. Gourmet coffee baskets is one of the most known gift giving ideas for coffee aficionados. Coffee Benefits: Due to popularity of coffee, it is inevitable there are studies and researches done to uncover its benefits to the body. Health reasons are becoming prominent why more and more people are in coffee drinking. Caffeine is antioxidant, which helps you fight off health problems such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Caffeine in Coffee: There are many things you need to know about this all-time favourite drink, especially the caffeine content in coffee. Contemporary coffee enthusiasts are becoming more and more meticulous in terms of their health. There are positive impacts of caffeine just as there are cons for those who do not know moderation in drinking. One of the most prominent issues about coffee drinking is caffeine addiction. Most people do not know when and how to stop. Like any other consumptions, going overboard in drinking coffee is hazardous to your health. Coffee History: Coffee originated in Ethiopia around the 13th century. It was discovered by observing dancing goats that were grazing on coffee plants and beans. Over the next 500 years, it spread all over the world to become a staple beverage. Coffee first spread to the Arabian Peninsula and especially Yemen. From there it went to Europe through Italy and then to the Caribbean and the rest of America. Coffee beans are now the second largest traded commodity after oil. Coffee Preparation: Whether you are a seasoned coffee drinker or a novice to drink java. Now you will be faced with many ways to prepare your favourite brew. Indeed there are innumerable ways to make coffee and finding the right one can truly deliver best tasting coffee. You can choose to make filtered coffee, use a French press maker or a coffee machine. Espresso Coffee: People are fascinated with coffee drink called espresso. Indeed with the growth of coffee chains throughout the world and peoples’ desire to make the beverage at home, a lot of interest has been generated. To make a perfect cup of espresso you will want to understand its basic fundamentals including brief history of the beverage, preparation techniques, the kinds of machines and beans to use in order to get great espresso. Cappuccino: Different varieties of java various palettes gave birth to the creation of choices such as cappuccino, decaf and gourmet coffee. Cappuccino is the blend of steamed milk and espresso along with its trademark frothy features. There are several types of cappuccino machines and recipes to create the best blends. Latte Coffee: Latte is one of the most popular coffee drinks. This Italian coffee that combines with steamed milk with espresso. It varies slightly to an espresso as it has higher proportion of milk and is not as strong, Often Latte goes well with a dash of cinnamon or chocolate.

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