VS Jet - the only full motion 737-800 flight simulator in the southern hemishpere

By: VS Jet @ The Edge  17-Apr-2012
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The Simulator The VSJet simulator is a replica of a Boeing 737 NG-800 type on a full 6 degrees of freedom hydraulic motion platform. This platform simulates the movements of roll, pitch, yaw, heave, surge and sway - providing the total realism of flight achieved by multi-million dollar simulators. You will feel acceleration, every turn, lump and bump from the undercarriage being retracted to in-flight turbulence down to the undulations in the runway surface.  The result being the most realistic possible simulation of aircraft flight available to the public in Australia. The simulator is able to seat 4 guests of which 1 or more can take turns in piloting the aircraft under the instruction and guidance of a qualified pilot. The visuals in this simulator are outstanding resolution and geographically accurate, and allow flight on a continuous basis through day/dusk/night/dawn over the complete earth. The cockpit is a total replica of a Boeing 737 NG-800 type aircraft, with all the overhead switches, dials, buttons, knobs etc operational, as with the complete fully functioning electronic main instrument panel. The pilot controls, such as rudder, aileron and elevator have authentic feedback, and the throttle quadrant, flaps, trim, spoilers etc are fully operational as well. The cockpit has a surround sound system, providing all of the noise and communication of a real aircraft. You are able to chose your airport of departure and destination, that fits within the flight time you are booked. eg a 1 hour flight would allow you to depart Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport, climb to a cruising altitude and conduct a ILS (instrument landing) or a visual approach to Canberra International Airport, land and return to Sydney via an alternate route.

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Full Motion 737 Flight Simulator

Come and fly Australia‚Äôs newest and most thrilling simulator experience at the Edge Cinema Katoomba - VS Jet is a unique full motion flight experience - it is a replica of a 737-800 filght deck - pilots train on it - so now its your turn to experience and feel what it is like to captain a commercial airliner.