The Dancing Goats

The Dancing Goats from King Carlos Coffee

By: King Carlos Coffee  12-Sep-2013
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A popular legend describes how coffee was discovered in Eastern Africa by a man named Kaldi, a goat herder in Ethiopia around 850AD. He reported unusual behaviour from his goats after they had eaten the berries from a then unknown bush. Kaldi decided to taste the berry himself and soon discovered the surge of energy these berries gave him. He advised the monks of his village who in turn dried the fruit and sent them to monks in other monasteries. In the 1200s, the Turks began to roast the beans over an open fire, grinding and then boiling them in water, creating an unrefined version of the coffee we know today. By the 1500s, Turkey became the biggest distributor of coffee, suppling to the Middle East and Venice. Italian distributors introduced coffee to the West and with that, revolutionised coffee, making it one of the most popular beverages in the world.

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