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Sports Injuries from Back On Track Podiatry (Foot Kinetics)

By: Back On Track Podiatry (Foot Kinetics)  20-Jun-2014
Keywords: Sports Medicine, Heel Pain, Knee Pain

Any sport that involves running, places much greater demands on the body than during normal day-to-day activities. For example, during a 10km run, an athlete will take, on average 3 000 landings per foot. This can involve a total impact force of around 700-800 tonnes of force (3-4 times your body weight) - based on a 66kg runner. Weakness and/or poor structural integrity of the lower limb (i.e. feet, legs) may remain unnoticed during daily activities... but when involved in the more dynamic activities of running / sports, this weakness and/or poor structural integrity can give rise to injury when placed under the repeated strains / forces of athletic training and competition (as well as keep-fit programs). As a preventative measure, it is important for all sportspeople (as well as those wanting to embark on an exercise program to lose weight and/or gain more fitness) to have the movement of their lower limb structure (biomechanics) assessed by a qualified Podiatrist, to rule out any imbalance, weakness or compromised structural alignment... if there is a problem, then advise can be given and/or treatment can commence. These steps can not only prevent prolonged injury time but more importantly... prevent injury from occurring. When a person’s foot posture / alignment is incorrect, then the entire body structure / alignment could be incorrect and this could lead to the following conditions: ♦ Arch Pain / Heel Pain - Plantar Fasciitis ♦ Achilles Tendinosis - Tendonitis ♦ Shin Pain - Shin Splints / Stress Fractures ♦ Knee Pain ♦ Hip Pain As well as other conditions - see the following page for more detail:

Keywords: Arch Pain, Foot Pain, Heel Pain, Knee Pain, Shin Pain, Sports Medicine

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