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By: AGnVET Services  23-Nov-2011

GIS Information

AGnVET Services offer the following services;

Accurate DGPS surveying and Mapping:  Using the latest technology in GPS equipment, we produce accurate Farm Feature Maps and / or Green Hectare Maps. This provides the basis for all management records to be linked or be compatible with, digital data information such as GIS.  Why pay more ? Having accurate maps can save you money with respect to licensing agreements, consulting services, spraying, sowing, windrowing and harvesting.

Pesticide Application Management Plans:  As part of Best Management Practice guidelines, features such as neighbour notification zones and down-wind no-spray zones may be clearly marked on accurate maps, to contribute to the responsible use of pesticides.

Yield Map Overlays and Analysis:  Using yield maps and other spatial data it is possible to create "multi - temporal yield analysis" (looking at the change in yield over time) and temporal stability (how stable each area is within the field). These can then be used to create field management zones for sampling or for further investigation.

GPS referenced soil / plant testing:  GPS referenced test sites allow a continuum of information to be collected, to assess changes over time. This reduces spatial variability.

Variable Rate Technology:  Variable rate technology uses specific paddock information to allow variable prescriptions of inputs such as lime & gypsum, to optimise resource management.  

Multi-Spectral imaging and Remote Sensing Data analysis:  Collecting spatially referenced information using different light bands allows variations across a paddock to be identified that often can't be seen by the naked eye. This information can be used to direct further analysis in the field to correct any imbalances before they impact greatly on productivity.

Electromagentic Surveys:  EM surveys characterise soil differences below the soil surface by measuring electrical conductivity. Together with other historical information Zones or management units can be determined to aid in sampling strategies for GPS referenced testing.

As example, an EM soil survey map (left) showed some similarities to a yield map (right). The orange areas being diagnosed with resistant Annual Ryegrass

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Other products and services from AGnVET Services


Agronomic Services

They have extensive experience across a broad spectrum of agricultural areas, and a large support network available to address many farming issues. Agronomists provide advice on soils, plant nutrition, plant growth, insect, disease and weed management in crops and pastures. The AGnVET Services network supports 27 Agronomists across 17 service centers in NSW.


Spray Application

The success of a spray job is dependent on the product chosen, application timing and correct operation of the spray equipment. Nozzles selection, speed and pressure are critical for effective spraying, particularly of insecticides & fungicides. AGnVET Services Agronomists can assist with on-farm information for specific spray applications. Boomspray output = x no. Nozzles) x 600.



Annual agreements between customers and AGnVET Services establish a pro-active and consultative approach to crop and pasture management. BettaCrop® is a regular and comprehensive paddock monitoring program, designed to optimise potential crop and pasture productivity. Final year reports provide a summary for each paddock, particularly analysing performance benchmarks such as water use efficiency.



With knowledge of correct sampling procedures, soil pit evaluations and interpretation skills, AGnVET Services Agronomists are trained to relate to you crucial information about your soils. On-going research by industry bodies such as the Grains Research and Development Corporation and the Farrer centre, can identify the incidence of weed resistance in specific populations.