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By: Tile Rescue - Wollongong Northern Illawarra  02-Sep-2014
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Leaking showers are a common problem and most home owners will encounter a leaking shower at some stage in their life. What are the signs that my shower is leaking? Do you: Have paint peeling from your walls/ceiling in the bathroom? Have paint peeling on the shared walls adjacent to (or outside) the bathroom? See swollen timbers or mouldy/dirty skirting boards in or around the bathroom? Notice a damp or musty smell in your house, or in the rooms nearest to the shower room? Notice damp carpet in the rooms adjacent to the bathroom? Have mould growing on the clothes and shoes that you keep in your wardrobe, or is their mould growing in places on walls and ceilings in your home? Is your current shower hard to keep to keep clean? Are the existing seals black and mouldy? Are their cracks in your shower tiles or cracks, or holes, in the grout? Any one of the points above could indicate that your shower is a leaking shower. And, as you can see, it is not just a problem in the bathroom! A leaking shower can damage your home; your clothes, timbers, walls and paintwork. If left unattended, a leaking shower can lead to expensive repairs in your home. Furthermore, persistent mould and mildew is very unhealthy, as are the strong chemical cleaners and bleaches commonly used to treat mould and clean wet areas. Why is my shower leaking? There are several potential reasons why your shower is leaking. Buildings move. Newer structures will naturally settle into their foundations. Extreme hot and/or cold weather, and dry spells and heavy rain, affect a structure, and the ground around it. This can create building movement and is a common and natural process in all buildings. Natural building movement can weaken, or crack, your grout. Movement can also affect the original placement of your shower seals. Cracking or missing grout, cracked or broken tiles and compromised seals will create spaces for water to leak out on the bathroom floor - or worse - down through the shower floor or into the bathroom walls. Tiles are not porous and designed to last. Grout IS porous, and movement and harsh cleaners will damage grout over time. Cracked and/or missing grout is a very common reason that showers leak. Replacing old damaged grout with new, sanitised and sealed grout not only makes your shower look like new again, but will also stop water leaking through damaged grout. Sealed grout required a lot less maintenance as stains, mould and mildew wipe away without the need for harsh chemicals or bleach. This will save you money and is better for the environment too! Sealing a leaking shower can be relatively inexpensive and is a great investment for the overall maintenance of your home! Andrew from Tile Rescue – Wollongong Northern Illawarra will help you. And in just a few hours, this is what he’ll do: Andrew will not guess at the reason your shower could be leaking. Each shower is inspected and quoted individually. Andrew is technically trained and Wollongong’s leading industry specialist. He’ll answer all your questions and provide the information you need to make an informed decision. Andrew will pressure test the pipes – so if you need a plumber – he’ll tell you! All Tile Rescue quotes are free and without obligation. So ring 1800 85 3335 today and arrange your appointment. Meet Andrew, the person who provides your free, itemised report AND performs your leaking shower repair! Tile Rescue provides genuine 12-year product warranties and personal service guarantees. So if you're in Wollongong and its surrounding suburbs or in the Northern Illawarra area ring 1800 85 3335 or go online and make your appointment - there is nothing to lose!

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