By: Kainda Australia  22-May-2015
Keywords: Shoes, Cleaning Supplies, Cosmetic Products

Natural and plant-based, biodegradable home keeping, garment care & skincare products! SHOP PRODUCTS Body & Hands + Gentle Hand Wash + Silky Hand Cream + Sensuous Body Wash + Velvety Body Lotion Fabric Care + Shoe Spray + Pillow Spray + Garment Spray + Delicate Garment Soak Household Cleaning + Swift Surface Cleaner + Resilient Bathroom Cleaner + Home Freshener + Dynamic Dishwashing Liquid + Versatile Home Sanitiser Enhance your health, well-being and your skin's natural beauty. Relax and allow your mind to travel to another dimension as your home, body and basic essentials are scented, purified and protected by Kainda.

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