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Benefits of Live Indoor Plants:

Live indoor plants filter out harmful toxins given off by furnishings and equipment. Also they create a pleasant place to work or do business. In addition to this obvious pleasing visual aspect of live indoor plants, they have another important and profound effect on others.

Live plants give a unique welcoming feeling to people. Having live plants in your workplace actually makes an important statement - "I care about my staff and customers". People who visit or work in these spaces feel that the place has something to give to them. These people are actually happier and as a result are either more productive employees or more relaxed clients.

Although we do not always consciously recognise it, indoor plants add a noticeable energy to the workplace.

Our Service:
Our service revolves around two main tasks:

•Careful selection of plants and containers to achieve exactly the right look and function which is specifically appropriate for your location. If we get the right look at the beginning, everyone will be happy and it will last for years. We spend a lot of effort in making sure that everything is exactly right for you.

•Maintaining the plants in excellent condition by providing the appropriate level of care and replacement as often as is required.

What you Get:

Your plantscape professionally arranged by us at LeaseLeaves will:

1)Have a positive impact on your clients and visitors and

2)Give you happier employees - increasing productivity, reducing sick leave.


We consider that there are two types of indoor environments: Those that have "atmosphere" or "life", and those that do not. This "atmosphere" or "life", can be simply due to some well chosen colour along with something alive in the room. To put life into rooms that don't have it requires a blend of art and science. LeaseLeaves can do this for you. At LeaseLeaves we take care to use the most appropriate plants & planters.

Call Betty Mackintosh.


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“We went along without some plants,

We didn’t think they stood a chance,

Then Betty brought her lovely blooms,

They completely enhanced our waiting room,

The service has been really fine,

The plants all look quite divine,

We have been very pleased with the look,

Her services we recommend you book”

Poem by: Dr Geoffrey P Hibbard Pty Ltd, Tamworth (March 2007)

Keywords: Plants Plant Hire Indoor Outdoor Wedding Weddings Function Display Real Greenery Beautiful Lights Pl