The History of our Australian Mastiff

The History of our Australian Mastiff from Australia's Best Bodyguards

By: Australia's Best Bodyguards  08-Apr-2016
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Today's mastiffs are manmade for example the Old English Mastiff was possibly created by using the small British Fighting Mastiff crossed with Mastiff of Asia which would have been supplied by the Phoenician traders.
Mastiffs were primarily used for hunting, protection and going to war. Kubla Khan, (Genghis Khan’s grandson) used approximately 5,000 mastiffs in his war campaigns as did the Romans and the English.

The Bandog is a Saxon term for mastiff. The name Bandog came about by a mastiff being kept secured on a wide leather band as a watch/alarm dog and more than likely they were black as black mastiffs existed in ancient times. The colour black was preferred as they could not be seen in the dark.
If you cannot see the dog in the dark this makes for a better guard dog.

Due to the devastation of the Second World War a lot of dog breeds were threatened with extinction. The mastiff being one.
From the end of the Second World War the people of the canine world have been line breeding many different breeds of dogs in the belief that they were reconstructing and preserving their choice of breed.
However due to narrow mindedness they have lost their way and a lot of dogs are endangered breeds displaying serious health problems such as temperament, structural soundness, digestive and eye disorders, skin and immune system problems.
Overall they seem to have lost the ability to be functional.

The mastiff is a utility dog that is family orientated but capable of guarding, hunting or going to war.

Our Australian Mastiff is an all round dog that is temperamentally sound. These dogs have a high level of intelligence and ability.
They possess longevity, are easy to train and have a natural guarding ability and are excellent personal protection dogs and are low maintenance. They have virtually no dog odour.
Colours available are apricot, fawn, silver, brindle and black. (Black is very rare colour).

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