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Strata and real estate Your strata home or investment property is probably one of your greatest assets so you need to make sure you protect that asset by ensuring all maintenance and repairs are carried out when needed and that they have been correctly done. When the time comes to sell, a property that looks rundown and is in a state of disrepair never commands as good a price as a well-looked-after property. Also, this whole maintenance area can be a real trap for young players and, while most 'think' they are doing the right thing, they can be walking into a on to understand why." Careful planning is necessary before commencing any project and expert advice is especially needed for major works, such as roof replacement concrete spalling guttering replacement fire safety compliance lift upgrades balcony repairs building facade repairs window replacement archbar replacement cracking to walls and subsidence uplifting of driveways and concrete areas waterproofing and rising damp problems pest eradication pool resurfacing carpet replacement in the stairwells common property painting and maintenance Improving your Strata Scheme For older buildings, consideration should also be given to updating your scheme to improve its appearance and value by: rendering the building's fa├žade renovating the foyer area upgrading the landscaping replacing the balcony and stairwell railings with a safer, more modern design.

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