Protective Nano Coating Home.PC

Protective Nano Coating Home.PC from NanoFormula

By: NanoFormula   04-Aug-2012
Keywords: Office Cleaning, Home Cleaning, Protective Coatings

Nano-protective polish product for computers, furniture and home appliances. Removes visual scratches, rough areas, etc. Renders the physical configuration better visually. Prevents infection and bio fouling Coatings preserve long lasting protective properties. When treated, surfaces develop long lasting useful properties. Revolutionary universal home cleaning product for furniture and electronics care Home.PC: Easy green cleaning in your home in no time! Multi-purpose protection and easy-to-clean product for home interiors, computers and furniture. The product is non-toxic home cleaner and reduces your use of customary household cleaning chemicals use up to 90%. This is possible because the coating protects surfaces. As a result you do not have to clean your items so frequent or use any toxic and unhealthy to you and to environment ineffective cleaning chemicals. Moreover the consumption of this safe cleaner is only 3 grams per square meter. You can forget about other unhealthy cleaners and use the remaining money for other purposes. Using this home cleaning product is very easy. There are all you need inside the care product set with clear user manual. Simply cover surface with product using Terrycloth and few minutes later polish with plain cloth. It was never been so easy to have eco-friendly and free of toxic chemicals home. Polishing scratches is easy and effective. Surfaces become new shiny and clean, scratches are hidden by polish and can be done for all new and old home interior parts. Effective electronics care gives your home electronics “as new” looks and protects from water damages. A clean screen on your computer monitor, TV, photo camera or other device will give you a clearer view of the display image and reliably protects from dirt and water what may be accidentally corrupt your devices. This home cleaning product also saves your time. Who has enough time to clean their houses thoroughly with today’s busy time schedules? Coated surfaces are easy to clean as the product forms smooth protective layer on top of the surface, which not only protects but also repellents dirt and water. Simply said- particles of dirt and dust cannot fixate and adhere to surface and can be removed easily only by wipe with moistened with water microfiber cloth. You don’t have to scrub anymore, simply wipe off the dirt! nanoFormula Factory offers you only the best protective and polishing products you can find. This easy to use product changes your home cleaning process completely and makes it quicker. Household care product is to be used for protect and polish of plastic, painted, varnished and burnished furniture, home and office appliances and computers. As a result you will have long lasting clean computer screen, clean keyboard, neat household interior elements, astonishing like-new home theater, dvd-player, sound system, crystal clean coffee table, amazingly clean home decor and many more items found in your green cleaned home. Coated surfaces: Prevent propagation of bacteria and fungi. Long lasting protective properties. Easy cleaning without chemicals. Easy surface coating and polishing.

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