Awassi Sheep (Ewes, lambs and rams)

Awassi Sheep (Ewes, lambs and rams) from R & O Farming

By: R & O Farming  27-Sep-2011
Keywords: Sheep, Farming, Rams

In Australia, the Awassi is a rare breed is extremely hardy and well adapted over centuries of use to nomadic and more sedentary rural management. It is used for a range of products; meat, milk and wool. However, this breed is raised primarily for milk. Awassi sheep have unique physiological characteristics such as resistance to many diseases and parasites, walk long distances over pastures for grazing, tolerating extreme temperatures, and enduring adverse feeding conditions. It easily adapts to different environments and performs as well as in its native habitat. Awassi sheep are well-adapted to the poor Mediterranean pasture and can compensate for under-nutrition during the dry season by usingthe stored energy reserves in the fat tail. It has a high mothering ability. Due to its high milk producing potential under harsh conditions, the Awassi breed can be used as a sire breed in improving milk production of many indigenous Asiatic and African breeds.

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