Residential Statutory and Specialised Valuations

By: Abode Valuations  25-Oct-2011
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Sale Time to let or is the pressure of banks, family or debt on top of you? Give us a call, we will discuss what can be achieved by selling your asset. You needn't feel the pressure when selling. Purchase You want to buy your dream home or that well sought out investment? Are the agents at you to sign up? What if youre just not sure? Call us now - have things clear in your mind before signing the contract. Insurance A true fact is that in Australia a large number of properties have no insurance or are hopelessly under insured. We are experts in the assessment of assets which have an insurable value and/or obligation. If youre in doubt about your assets give us a call now. Leasing / Rental If youre thinking of moving out of the family home and renting it out you'll need good, independent advice. What about buying your investment, the agent believes they will obtain a certain amount for you, how will it affect you if they're wrong? Market Value Knowing the current market value is the basis of your asset portfolio. Too many people are seduced into using online, computer generated sales lists. Without the ability to research, analyse and process these lists you will never be able to rely on these for a reliable basis of value. Historical Value If youre vacating your home and decide to retain and lease it, go one step further and get it valued. This can be used as the value base for your capital gains taxation information at the appropriate time. If you have vacated the property some time ago we can provide a report with a retrospective dated as required by your tax advisor or the Australian Taxation Office. Probate Generally for probate to be granted the estate requires an asset. Often beneficiaries can be embroiled in heated debate about the division of these assets. We can help you in this tender period by assessing the value of the real assets and report to the necessary or agreed stakeholders. GST A development such as a subdivision, construction may attract a GST component when it is commissioned. In certain circumstances the margin scheme may apply. We are experts in the valuation of property which is subject to GST. Give us a call lets discuss your situation. Compulsory Acquisition It can happen to you - some or all of your valuable land may be acquired by any one of the many Government or Non-Government authorities. But how much will they pay? Don't take their word for it, call us now, there are time limitations - it's your land. Boundary Adjustments and Easements Is part of your land required for an easement or is a neighbour offering to purchase some of your land which will require a boundary adjustment? They are significant costs in this; you need our advice in this area without question. Stamp Duty If you are transferring land or part of it, a duty is payable to the State Government. The fee they charge is directly proportionate to the value of the property. We dig very deep with these reports because a small variation in the Value can have a significant effect on the duty payable. Dont risk this report with those who advertise cheap stamp duty valuations - honestly they're not worth the trouble and you could pay a lot more than you need to. Redevelopment A wide array of options on how to develop land may be available to you, determination of the highest and best use of the land is important but is it profitable and can you make money? Is land banking a good idea? You may need some realistic approaches to these options before you place your capital at risk. MOU and Options This is a highly complex area in development but one that needs a lot of consideration and analysis. Have the memorandum or the option fit your proposal from the beginning, you'll often be dealing with really high pressure agents and lenders in this area, don't get burned call us first. Viability or Feasibility Studies OK the deal looks good on paper but have you considered the effects that changes in time, interest rates and variations in sale price expectations may have on the deal. We can offer very comprehensive studies with various what if scenarios. A small fee to determine pit falls upfront. Asset Management All assets must be treated and valued individually and not just part of a holistic approach. Find the performers and the duds in your portfolio and learn which of them to hold or let go. Market Trends Trends are an important indicator when it comes to choosing investment locations and often the results are quite surprising. Advocacy We can help with your proposal when it comes to pitching the concept to partners, stakeholders and sponsors. Be equipped with the right data and presentations, it could be the difference between the deal getting up or having it defeated. Project Management We provide a highly efficient development management of any real estate development from the initial concept stage to planning, outsourcing, construction and commissioning. If you don't have the time or skills in this area you will find our services highly efficient and very cost effective. Timeline and Milestone Reporting It is a well known fact that most projects fail because they are not managed all that well especially in the construction area. Disputes often happen with dire consequences for the client and other stakeholders. You must achieve your deadlines as initially intended otherwise your project could be doomed, call Abode, we will be happy to discuss your personal position one on one. Approval and Construction Tracking If youre developing land, units or other investment, you may believe that councils, architects, engineers, consultants, builders and other authorities are enough to ensure the successful outcome of your project. However, if left unmanaged most developments will take an age get off the ground and owing to the unrealistic workloads of many people involved in the process your project is only too often a secondary consideration. The truth is your interests can be the last priority in the development process, it must be managed and if youre not skilled in this area or your continually frustrated getting people on site call us, it doesnt matter if you have already started or not we'll help. Progress Inspection and Authorisation If you have a loan to construct a residence, larger development or under tiered finance arrangements, the lender will send a bank rep out at certain intervals in order to pay the contractor or builder. Sometimes this is not carried out efficiently all while your builder is drawing off funds perhaps a little early. These funds need to be assessed, accounted and determined accurate according to the agreement you have with the builder. Apart from the construction there may be things to account for such as retaining areas, swimming pools, landscaping areas and other supplementary items that may be outside the builders scope of engagement. You need to know when to pay these people and you need a schedule of work required to complete the project and payments required at any given time. Abode can arrange for these jobs to be carried out, completed and payment authorised. Let us help you keep on track.

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