Low-cost Dumbwaiters for homes and offices

By: Advice 'n Liftgear  06-Jan-2011
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Six canvas bags of groceries will fit into our standard-size low-cost dumbwaiter (car size around about 550mm square x 1120mm high inside.)  Or if you take out the adjustable-height shelf, an airline suitcase and a carry-on case will go in side by side, or a linen hamper, a big rubbish bin, or a 50kg  two-wheeled box of firewood. Or for a little extra you can have a wider car that will take 8 canvas grocery bags.
What else would you like to shove into the dumbwaiter, instead of having to carry it up and down the stairs by hand? 
Fitting a dumbwaiter is a great labour-saver for anyone, but especially for older people. It can often allow them to stay in their beloved two-storey house for much longer, while they can still cope with the stairs, but not while carrying a load.  And later on, it's an additional upmarket feature to make the house more attractive to a wider range of potential buyers. 
Every house is different, but our low-cost dumbwaiters can almost always be made to fit.  That's because we make each car to order, after your local builder has framed the well plumb and true and supplied and fitted the two long vertical guide rails. It's easiest to get the rails into the well in one piece before the roof is on, or by removing a tile later.  
Our simplest dumbwaiter car design has it accessed from the same side at both floors. Entry from opposite ends of the car isn’t much dearer, but access from adjacent sides (eg. north and east) is significantly more expensive and not recommended. The two floor doors usually hinge outwards.  Your builder supplies them and their handles to match the surrounding cupboard doors, to stop your dumbwaiter from having an industrial look. Or if you really need to save space in the upper room, that door can be a much-more-expensive rising roller shutter from us.
We supply our low-cost dumbwaiters to all States, so we usually just supply a kit including a flat-packed car, for installation by your local builder and electrician. Or if it's a retro-fit and you're handy, our detailed illustrated instruction book allows you to do it yourself.  Except that you still need a sparkie to wire up all our electrics to our 20-odd pre-cut pre-labelled multi-core electric cables, and adjust and test everything. 
How can we do it so cheaply?  Working to the Australian Standard for guided goods hoists instead of the more-demanding Lift Code is a help. But it means that our lower-cost dumbwaiters can access only 2 selected floors. Usually the garage or laundry on the lowest floor, and any one of the upper floors. (To access 3 floors you need a goods Lift, at about 4 times the price or even more.) 
We also save you money by making wider use of standard components, and have value-engineered the parts that we make ourselves like the slack rope detector, which is designed to stop the hoist immediately from running downwards, if the car ever caught in the well.
Using mainly standard parts except for the made-to-order car doesn't just keep our dumbwaiter prices down. It also gives you a lot of design flexibility.  We offer you a set of detailed planning sheets by email, to help you plan a lower-cost dumbwaiter that suits your existing or new home (or 2-storey office) as perfectly as possible. Would you like a set?  We welcome your enquiry by phone or email.
We also offer similar unusually-low-priced kits for larger industrial guided-platform goods hoists. Our cheaper range of these has car floors sized up to 2m x 1.5m and payloads up to 800kg.

Keywords: Goods Hoists

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