Soft and Cozy Baby Slings

Soft and Cozy Baby Slings from Oz Savers

By: Oz Savers  13-Jun-2011
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Are you trying to balance dishes, shopping, and laundry with a little one crawling at your heels? Being, a mum of four little ones, I understand the hassle that a regular day can bring. Imagine being able to do all your daily chores, with your little one sleeping soundly on your chest! Its the only sling you'll ever need to buy since it transforms as your baby grows and It's the most comfortable sling you'll ever find! Too good to be true? That's what we thought but after using it on 4 little ones we know how incredible the sling is and only recommend it because it's changed our lives as well as thousands of others! It's a little life saver that every mum should have!

Babies who are worn cry less, are more calm and content, sleep peacefully, nurse better, gain weight quicker, enjoy easier digestion and develop better. Baby wearing enhances; parent-baby bonding, facilitates breast feeding, helps busy parents connect with their baby, makes transitions from one care giver to another easier and most importantly it's extremely practical. Leave the pram at home and navigate the shops in half the time!

The sling is made from a light 95% cotton and 5% spandex fabric which provides the perfect balance for comfort and stretch. The super soft fabric efficiently carries away heat and moisture- perfect for our hot climate! Our baby sling is very soft with flexible material which shapes itself gently to your baby's body. This sling provides excellent support for your child's back and head, and makes sure that your baby's legs and arms are in a physiologically correct position. Wear it in 4 different ways! Change it up as your baby grows!

This incredible baby sling allows you to meet your baby's needs while still getting things done. Your husband is hungry, the laundry needs changing over, your little one is crying, life gets so busy, but you can make it easier right now!

  • Baby slings help develop the muscles needed for sitting, standing and walking.
  • They enhance the development of motor skills by exposing the baby to a variety of sights, sounds and motions.
  • Baby slings enable the baby to feel safe and secure.
  • Frequently carried babies fall asleep quickly and comfortably for long periods.
  • The baby sling reduces crying and provides a comforting close environment.
  • A carried baby learns more by stimulating brain development and expanding future learning potential.
  • The baby sling is convenient for quick and easy breast feeding without having to stop or sit down.
  • Most importantly the baby carrier decreases your baby's levels of stress hormones resulting in a relaxed happy baby.
  • One size fits all: Change it up as your baby grows from a newborn to toddler. Ideal for 0-18 months but can be used well beyond this. Strength tested to 20.5kg (45lb). Carrying positions including cradle hold, hammock hold, belly to belly hold and hip/side hold. The sling will fit all adults from XXS to XXL, you, your mother, your husband, your sister, your uncle- they can all use it!
  • Instruction booklet included: No need to worry, a instruction booklet with pictures is included.
  • Even weight distribution: The design is supportive and ergonomic. The weight of your baby is evenly distributed on each shoulder, hips and back.
  • Excellent support for baby: Provides great support for little heads and baby's hips and legs are kept in an ergonomically correct position.
  • Use it with twins: Suitable for twins from newborn up to two months.
  • Great gift idea: Comes in lovely packaging perfect for gift giving!
  • So versatile: Use it as a sling, a baby change mat, a nursing cloth, the possibilities are endless!
  • Go hands free: Are you ready to enjoy life hands free? Now you can do all your chores while holding your little one close.
  • Quality fabric: High quality cotton it feels soft against your baby's skin yet is durable enough to withstand repeated washing and wearing without changing shape or losing its colour. Size: 5 metres x 50 cm, with tapered ends.
  • Easy care: Machine wash and tumble dry. No ironing required.
  • Safety compliance: Has undergone testing to ensure it provides a safe and appropriate support for you and your baby.
  • It meets or exceeds Australian and European safety standards.

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