Professional Heavy Duty Pet Clipper

Professional Heavy Duty Pet Clipper from Oz Savers

By: Oz Savers  13-Jun-2011
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Sick of paying top dollar on never ending grooming bills? Now you won't even need to leave the comfort of your home to have a professionally groomed dog! Never book another expensive grooming appointment ever again! Groom your pet when you want to in the convenience of your own home! Imagine all the money you'll save! This premium quality pet clipper is the ultimate grooming solution for your pet. It is used by both pet owners and professional groomers to achieve the perfect cut for your pet everytime!

The high carbon steel blade is guaranteed to stay sharp longer and operate cooler. The quiet motor and ergonomic design makes grooming easier than ever! This clipper is heavy duty and can handle most types of fur, it's guaranteed to last! It's such a practical, easy solution for your pet grooming needs at an unbeatable price! Your pet will be the envy of the neighbourhood after getting a quick and easy shave from this professional pet clipper!

"The pet clippers I ordered from you are fantastic. It seemed like I ordered them one day and the next they were here. They work really well and best of all they're nice and quiet so Rosie (our dog) doesn't get scared when it's time for a haircut. I highly recommend your store and the pet clippers! Thank you again."

- Nathan

"My name's Melissa McCarthy, and I recently purchased a pet clipper from yourself. My partner Scott has recently used your product for our King Charles Cavalier "Brodie" and we are very happy with your clippers, "Brodie", especially as its going to be 38 degrees in a couple of days and he has a very thick coat. They worked very well on Brodie's long fur, and are very impressed, thank you!"

- Melissa, Scott and Brodie


  • Attachable blade system for quick easy blade changes
  • Cutting length easily adjustable with spinning dial
  • 15 Watt Motor
  • Quick easy cutting
  • It won't scare your pet with the incredibly quiet motor
  • Matched with four smart designed attachment guide combs
  • Ergonomic deign makes it comfortable to hold and use and doesn't get hot in your hand
  • Suitable for miniature horse, cat, dog, rabbit, etc
  • Easy blade changes
  • Australian Plug
  • 1 Professional Pet Clipper
  • 4 attachment quide combs
  • 1 Oil Flask
  • 2 grooming Combs
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Comb Guard
  • Instructions


  • Step 1-WASH: It is important that you thoroughly wash and condition your dog's fur to remove all dirt and debris from your dog's coat. Using a flea shampoo will help remove any uninvited guests that may be taking residence in your dog's coat. Always rinse with luke warm water after lathering.
  • Step 2-DRY: Towel dry to remove excess water. A hand dryer is recommended to thoroughly dry the coat. Ensure that the hand dryer is set to cool/warm setting and not hot. You don't want to overheat your pet. Always allow your dog drinking water during grooming. Remember that your dog's coat must be thoroughly dry before clipping. A wet coat will only cause the clipper to snag and cause premature corosion of the blade.
  • Step 3-COMB: "If you can't comb it, you can't clip" Comb your dog during the drying stage to get rid of all knots.
  • Step 4-CLIP: Now it's time to clip. Providing that the first three steps have been completed you will have no problem grooming your dog. Remember to re-oil the cutting blade while groming. Clean the blade of all excess hair before putting away.

You may want to shave your dog for a number of reasons. Perhaps his loong hair makes him uncomfortable on hot summer days or he is going through a period of heavy shedding and you want to alleviate the mess. Before you grab those clippers, here are a few things to consider.

  • Start with your dog's face. Attach a #10 blade to your clippers and carefully shave long hair between the eyes and ears. Be extremely careful. If the dog is moving around, wait until he calms down. Stay at least 1 inch away from eyes.

  • Raise the dog's legs. Next on the list is the underarm area. Pull fur and skin taught and shave away from your hand in a smooth motion. Follow by shaving the under-tail area. This is especially helpful in longhaired breeds that tend to get feces stuck in their fur.

  • Talk reassuringly to your dog through out the proccess and reward him when you're done. Take timeouts as needed. If the shave becomes traumatic for your dog, he will resist even more the next time it needs to be done.

  • Don't shave a dog too closely in the summer. Dogs depend on their fur for protection from the sun. They can sunburn easily. Keep at least 1 inch on his coat for protection.

Caring for your Clipper Blades...

  • Do not attempt to operate your clippers without first oiling the blades.
  • Do not use WD 40 or other similar solvents/scouring agents to clean the clipper or the blades.
  • Blades need to be regularly sharpened to keep a good cutting edge, and they must be constantly oiled during use.
  • Cleaning of the blades and inside of the clipper head should be thoroughly carried out after every clipping session to avoid a build up of hair and dirt.
  • Remove all traces of oil and hair with a small stiff brush and wipe the blades clean with a dry clean cloth. You can use a small oil paint brush – the stubby type – This will enable you to remove most of the muck, after which a good "blow" will usually do the rest! Try to avoid a build up of dirt and hair – it makes cleaning easier for next time!
  • When completely free from hair clippings and oil, re oil all working parts within the head of the clipper and likewise to the blades to prevent any occurrence of rust.
  • Remember even the smallest spots of rust can have an adverse effect on the cutting performance of the blades - in some cases making clipping impossible

Keywords: Pet & Supplies, Pet Clipper

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