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Wyndywood Bokashi Grains from WormFarms In Style

By: WormFarms In Style  05-May-2011
Keywords: Organic Fertiliser, Organic Fertilizers, Liquid Fertilizer

Bokashi Grains which can be used in our Wyndywood Bokashi Bins come in 2 blends.

Firstly our standard Bokashi grain which is composed of crushed Australian grain (usually barley, wheat, and/or rice mixture), fermented with natural beneficial microbes, minerals, salts and natural sugars. This blend has a moderate nutrient value on its own, but is also teeming with millions of beneficial microbes which go straight to work when in contact with organic material such as the food in our Wyndywood Bokashi Bin or the organic matter within your soil.

Shift Bokashi Grain is a blend of natural beneficial microbes, minerals and absorbent materials that is specially produced to recycle animal waste into a beneficial resource. By recycling animal waste, its minimizes the amount going to landfill, odours in these areas as well as insect infestation.Beneficial microbes in Shift  Bokashi Grain breakdown these substances quickly and effectively, as well as out-compete any disease carrying germs and pathogens  in the animal waste.

Keywords: Liquid Fertilizer, Organic Fertiliser, Organic Fertilizers, Worm Farming

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Fermentation is an alternative sustainable method of recycling food waste compared to the dumping of food into landfill. This action reduces green house gas emissions. Fermented waste retains all of its energy and most of the nutritional benefits and are more readily available for nutrient intake by plants. The microbes from fermented waste over time enhances soil quality, therefore producing greater plant yields and healthier, stronger plants.

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