Tuition in Maths and Physics

By: Tutor in Maths  09-Oct-2011
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Secondary Maths
Maths Years 7 – 10 
General Maths       
Maths Years 9 – 10 Standard
Maths Years 9 – 10 Intermediate
Maths Years 9 – 10 Advanced
School Certificate Maths Test Higher School Certificate : Year 11 and 12 
General Maths    
 Maths Extension1 : 
Year 11 and 12 Maths Extension2 : 
Year 12Physics : Year 11 and 12  
 Engineering for University students:Fundamentals of Mechanics: STATICS Two and Three Dimensional Force Systems, Equilibrium, Moments, Structures Method of joints and method of sections, Frictions Work and Energy…Physics and MaterialsMathematics for Engineers 1Mathematics for Engineers 2   

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