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By: Valhalla Counselling Practice  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Psychotherapy, Individual Counselling, Mindfulness Meditation

Individual Counselling:

Individual counselling deals with specific and defined issues. These include feelings of well-being, communication problems, flat mood or anxiety, stress, eating and sleep issues and struggles at work or in dealing with others.


This is a longer-term process that looks at one’s sense of self. Earlier circumstances may have shaped who we are and our patterns and reactions to ourselves and others. These issues are usually more in-grained, perhaps out of our awareness or emotionally distressing.

Couples Counselling:

This deals with the difficulties in relationship communication and struggles in our most intimate relationships. It explores negative and destructive patterns and promotes skills in forming and maintaining long and healthy relationships.

Group Therapy:

Clinical Supervision:

We provide individual and group supervision to other counselling practitioners working in private practice or agency settings.

Mindfulness Meditation:

Draws on Eastern meditation traditions and contemporary therapy. This may also be offered weekly in a small group setting .

Session Times:

Sessions are for one hour unless an arrangement has been made with the individual counsellor for a longer session.

Duration of Counselling:

We recommend that people initially commit to three sessions. This allows us to provide a thorough assessment of your individual concerns and an opportunity to develop together a plan on how to best support you in meeting your goals.

People often ask how long the process will take. This is a complex question to answer given the unique circumstances and needs of each person.

However, we are always available to talk about any aspect of your care and will provide a clear explanation of the services you will receive. We are committed to treating all clients with respect and as individuals.

Keywords: Individual Counselling, Mindfulness Meditation, Psychotherapy

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