Spectacular Energy Bar

By: Healthelicious Foods  03-Aug-2011
Keywords: Lose Weight, Exercise Training, Personal Trainers

My raw Bug Out Bar (from a British Army term meaning to scuttle hurriedly away like a bug, usually due to enemy activity) now has 168 ingredients in it. Made from sensational ingredients to deliver a powerful boost to your mental clarity and physical energy levels. I add no fillers, artificial flavours, artificial colours or preservatives. 159 of the ingredients have antioxidant properties. That makes for a spectacular knockout punch to free radical damage.

I soak the nuts to remove enzyme blockers then dehydrate them to dry them out without destroying the natural enzymes that aid digestion. I then blend, mix, roll, slice, measure and coat the bars before vacuum sealing them to delver the most nutrition possible.

The bar delivers 25% of your daily requirements for 10 minerals and 14 vitamins but less than 15% of your calorie requirements so it is very nutrient dense..

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