By: Dr Elizabeth Hall  11-Feb-2012
Keywords: Counselling, Therapy, Personal Development

I am a Sydney Clinical Psychologist helping adults struggling with eating and weight, anxiety, depression, stress, or difficulties adjusting to new circumstances.


Are you feeling overwhelmed with your eating or weight and don't know where to turn?

You may be struggling with your weight – feeling like a yo-yo trying one diet after another, with little success and ending up back where you began. Or perhaps you know you have real issues around eating and food – how much, when and what type of foods – but you’ve lost sight of what’s healthy and good for you. You might be feeling that your eating issues are starting to spin out of control and you’re scared where your health is heading.


If you can relate to any of the above, I’m here to help. I’m a Sydney Clinical Psychologist who is passionate about helping adults overcome eating issues and develop the confidence to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Through working with me you can experience the following:

·Understand the emotional triggers that lead you to binge or starve

· Develop a fresh and healthy perspective about food and eating

· Regain control of your weight and feel good about yourself again

· Overcome feelings of shame, fear, guilt, depression and anxiety related to your body image

· Have a renewed sense of life and interest in socialising and meeting new people

· Feel less self-conscious and actually accept your body and how you look

· Start living the life you want, improve your relationships with family and friends, and

develop a romantic interest if you’re single


If you're ready to take the next step, here's what you can do:

1. Visit my website for more info

2. Call 0410 902 585 for a free 10-minute consultation to discuss your needs so I can let you know how I can help your situation

3. If you're ready to book an appointmentcall 0410 902 585 

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