By: Saacke Australia (Pty) Ltd  09-Dec-2011

Demands on modern firing technology are complex:

  • Drastically intensified conditions for protecting both the environment and conserving resources
  • Maximum flexibility in implementing cost-saving fuels
  • Constantly optimising all systems and components
  • Growing dynamics within global competition

For 75 years SAACKE has been implementing these requirements within the world’s industrial heat markets into technical reliability, first-class engineering, innovative strength and comprehensive service. Over 100,000 firing plants and more than 5,000 marine units by SAACKE are in use today worldwide with good results for our customers.

Clean, low-level solid combustion, maximum efficiency, lowest emission rates, absolute operating reliability and above all, the ability to adapt quickly and simply to customised surroundings and demands. All these secure your investment long-term. SAACKE’s modularly designed burner systems fulfil all the operator’s requirements.

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