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By: Martial Arts Research Academy  04-Sep-2011
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Jun Fun Gung Fu as developed by Sijo Bruce Less has a definite and set system of progression and material to be taught and learned. Jeet Kune Do was conceived by Sijo Bruce Lee as his personal form of combat based on his research and findings. Not to be standardized, because each individual has different needs. Bruce Lee electrified the martial arts world in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The art created by this martial arts innovator had many roots and different influences. As Sijo Bruce Lee pieced the elements together with Sigung Dan Inosanto, that suited him best, the art that emerged from his research was a compelling and completely new system of training. The use of boxing tools like focus mitts and speed bags, the mixing of trapping and grappling methods as well as taking the best techniques and training methods from each art they researched made this new art a dynamic and complete form of self-defence. Sijo Bruce Lee sought to eliminate the strict, stylized training that was common at that time and let each student find his/her own way. Elements that would suit many types of students and allow the practitioner to defend against all types of opponents were included and developed. This revolutionary art is known for its economy of motion and integration of principles and concepts. The guiding principle of the art is the personal growth and continued research and development of the individual. The Jun Fan JKD material is a mix of high energy kickboxing drills, intricate trapping, locking, infighting and ground tactics. You will get a good work out and learn why this art electrified the martial arts world.

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