Tagua Nut Jewellery

By: My Fair Living  19-Jul-2014
Keywords: Fashion Jewellery, Australian Made, Handmade Jewellery

My Fair Living offers a selection of handcrafted jewellery which is somewhat different... We work with an exotic seed/nut which is organic, eco-friendly, sustainable and absolutely gorgeous! Each nut has its own natural grain rendering every piece of jewellery unique. The colours are obtained with natural dyes which produce amazing vibrant colours. This amazing nut is called “Tagua”. Tagua is collected from the rainforest ground as it falls. This natural process protects the trees and the rainforests from harm. Left to dry naturally for months, the nuts gain a hardness and texture extremely similar to elephant ivory, thus known as “Vegetable Ivory”. The Tagua industry provides an alternative to cutting down rainforests for farming and prevents elephants from being killed. Ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly Tagua provides a valuable source of income to many South American families which allows them to live a better life and the opportunity to offer their children a better education. Tagua is truly a beautiful gift of mother nature which, in collaboration with fantastic artisans, we are happy to transform into stunning pieces of jewellery. My Fair Living means respect for the environment along with ethical living conditions for everyone. It is our priority that artisans involved in the production of our raw materials are paid fair wages and have decent working conditions.

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