By: TANFAN  17-Aug-2011
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These days the only safe way to tan is to fake tan. Whether it’s a spray tan, cream or self-tanning kit, we all love that gorgeous, bronzed look, but what we don’t love is…

  • • streaks and marks on your skin from not wearing the right clothing post-tan
  • • tanning stains left on your furniture, bed sheets and even your boyfriend!
  • • that uncomfortable sticky feeling you get on your skin
  • • not being able to go out in public for at least eight hours afterwards!

The first of its kind, the TANFAN is specifically designed to help ensure your tan remains fabulous and streak free after every application. By wearing the TANFAN, you'll feel 100% comfortable and it's stylish enough to wear wherever and whenever you like...your favourite bar, shopping, at home and even in bed...

The TANFAN dress is made from high quality 100% cotton and washes out tanning lotions and solutions with ease so you can wear it every time you tan.

So regardless of how often you fake tan, whether it's for special occasions or an essential element of your weekly beauty regime, if you’re a fan of the tan then you need TANFAN.

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