Low cost wireless temperature monitoring for food, healthcare, agricultural and medical applications

Low cost wireless temperature monitoring for food, healthcare, agricultural and medical applications from Abacus Instruments

By: Abacus Instruments  18-Apr-2011
Keywords: Monitoring Equipment, Data Loggers, Temperature Sensors


Now businesses can automatically measure & record temperatures in critical areas 24 /7 for as little as $29 pere area and with no installation costs.

The wireless Temperature Logging System from Abacus Instruments contains a USB Base Station with 2MB internal Flash Memory and up to 50 wireless temperature transmitters which communicate to the base station.

The base station can be powered by the USB cable if connected to a PC or powered by a 5 - 7.5VDC power adapter without a computer. Each Sensor refreshes it's value about every 45 Seconds. With four sensor the maximum internal record length is about 26 days. with 10 sensors it is 11 days. 

The easy to use software presents a graph of temperature measurements in groups as selected by the user. The software keeps track of the data over several years and will log data (in the background) as long as the computer is running. Alternatively, the software will upload the base station's complete memory when it is connected and add it to the existing data for each sensor. The logged measurements can be exported in several formats for further processing.

Transmitting sensors and receiver use a wireless radio communication system, working at 433MHz. Depending on surrounding building construction and ambient conditions, a transmission range of up to 90 meters is possible for the sensors included. Repeaters are available to retransmit data and extend the range if necessary.

Extra sensors with up to 90m range are available separately as are sensors with external probes and waterproof sensor/ transmitters. All sensors have a temperature recording range of -30 to +80 Degrees Celcius which can also be displayed as Fahrenheit or Celcius within the software.

For more information or afre survey of your temperature monitoring needs please email sales@measure-it.com

Keywords: Data Loggers, Monitoring Equipment, Temperature Measurement, Temperature Recorders, Temperature Sensors