Abacus Guardian temperature monitoring – Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

By: Abacus Instruments  06-Nov-2014
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Abacus Guardian recently achieved success with the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service, who use Abacus to monitor temperature when transporting human retinas from Edinburgh to Liverpool. Organ transportation within the UK has strict guidelines; a retina should be kept at around 22°C, with the organ becoming unviable for use if the temperature drops below 20°C or rises above 24°C. Before discovering Abacus Guardian, the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) had combined the use of another regulatory data logger with the presence of a doctor, who would manually have to check and monitor the temperature throughout transit. Abacus Guardian works wirelessly to monitor the temperature of goods in transit, removing the need for the doctor to travel with the organ - creating considerable savings on time and labour whilst increasing the reliability of data logged. Because the system works in real time, administrators are immediately aware of the organ temperature rising above or dropping below the parameters they have set. The SNBTS has been trialling Abacus Guardian with the regulatory data logger as back up, after James McGinley of the SNBTS technical department came across the system. “The technical department is tasked with finding and testing solutions that will benefit our current transportation system. Abacus Guardian really stood out to me because of the remote site; no other system allows you to monitor temperature in real time from just about anywhere in the world, and its remote nature means virtually no set up time was needed,” comments James. “The system has been absolutely faultless – we have repeatedly transported organs from Edinburgh to Liverpool with no loss of signal, which is a huge ask considering the 220 mile distance travelled. A great selling point is that you can add as many users as you need, allowing a variety of people to log in and monitor via email and mobile phone.” “I can’t recommend the system highly enough, the transfer of organs for donation is about as important and sensitive a task as you can get, and Abacus Guardian helps the whole process to run efficiently. We tested Abacus in conjunction with the current regulatory data logger, but are so impressed that we are attempting to change the regulations so that Abacus can be used alone – it really is that reliable.”

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