Needs Analysis

By: Simcom Global Trade Solutions  16-Apr-2013

Simcom Global Trade Solutions will conduct a detailed assessment of the real needs of the client. Often in order to have a clear assessment of one’s own situation and needs, it is important to let go of assumptions, distancing yourself and allowing someone external to the business to make a less subjective assessment. Often we are too close and too involved in our own business to be able to see clearly and as objectively as possible. A careful assessment will be conducted to identify if any gap exists between the client’s perception of their own needs and the real business needs. The needs analysis may involve a number of interviews with the client (face to face, on the phone/teleconference, via email, etc.) as well as Simcom Global Trade Solutions’ own research. Simcom Global Trade Solutions will analyse the client’s needs by keeping front and centre the client’s mission, vision, business goals as well as current and future capabilities. The report will provide the client with confirmation of their needs assessments in the new potential market or, if a gap is identified, a clearer picture of the business needs in relation to the new potential market. This will form the basis of possible future steps in exploring the new market at a deeper level.

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