Preschool Anxiety Programme

By: Sandra Graudins Clinical Psychologist  04-Jul-2011
Keywords: Children, Anxiety Counselling, Psychologist

Preschool Anxiety Programme

The Cool Little Kids Programme is designed for the parents of preschool aged children (3-6) who are a little more anxious, shy, or inhibited than most other children of a similar age.  This popular and effective programme was developed at Macquarie University.

The child who would benefit from the programme would typically be described as  ... ”shy, withdrawn, worried, inhibited, fearful, anxious, sensitive, lacking in confidence, clingy, slower to warm up with other kids their age.....”

The programme teaches parents practical, commonsense skills that will encourage their child to learn how to cope with any fears and be more confident.

Prior to starting the programme, both parents and child attend a one hour consultation with Clinical Psychologist Sandra Graudins, who specialises in childrens' problems.  After this, parents attend six sessions (2 hours long). Although children do not attend these groups sessions, regular practice with children outside of sessions is crucial to the success of the programme. 

Please phone 9712 8777 to discuss any concerns you may have about your child. 

Keywords: Anxiety Counselling, Child Psychologist, Children, Clinical Psychologist, Preschool, Preschool Anxiety, Psychologist

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